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Programmed Inequality (History of Computing): How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing

Marie Hicks
52. ISBN 9780262182539 Zoom

Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning

Carl Edward RasmussenChristopher K. I. Williams
53. ISBN 0262525100 Zoom

Feelings Are Facts: A Life (Writing Art)

Yvonne RainerRoger Conover
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Zizek's Jokes: (Did You Hear the One About Hegel and Negation?) (The MIT Press)

Slavoj ZizekAudun MortensenMomus Momus
55. ISBN 9780262041690 Zoom

Strategies and Games: Theory and Practice (The MIT Press)

Pratik Dutta
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The Laws of Simplicity (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life)

John Maeda
57. ISBN 026201890X Zoom

Open Economy Macroeconomics in Developing Countries (The MIT Press)

Carlos A. Végh
58. ISBN 0262034220 Zoom

Effective Coding with VHDL: Principles and Best Practice (The MIT Press)

Ricardo Jasinski
59. ISBN 026272006X Zoom

Learning From Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form (The MIT Press)

Robert VenturiDenise Scott BrownSteven Izenour
60. ISBN 9780262037525 Zoom

The Energy System: Technology, Economics, Markets, and Policy (The MIT Press)

Travis Bradford
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