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Ronald Clark
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Capital Formation and Economic Development

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The Forms of Color: The Interaction of Visual Elements by Karl Gerstner (1986-12-01)

Karl Gerstner
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World Armaments and Disarmament: SIPRI Yearbook 1975

Stockholm International PeaceResearch Institute
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Innovating: A Doer's Manifesto for Starting from a Hunch, Prototyping Problems, Scaling Up, and Learning to Be Productively Wrong

Luis Perez-Breva
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Cognition and the Visual Arts (Mit Press/Bradford Books Series in Cognitive Psychology) by Robert L. Solso (1994-07-23)

Robert L. Solso
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Venice and the Renaissance by Manfredo Tafuri (1990-02-23)

Manfredo Tafuri
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Losing Ground: American Environmentalism at the Close of the Twentieth Century by Mark Dowie (1995-04-05)

Mark Dowie
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Parallel Distributed Processing: Explorations in the Microstructure of Cognition : Psychological and Biological Models (Computational Models of Cogn) by James L. McClelland (1986-06-05)

James L. McClelland;David E. Rumelhart
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Job Creation and Destruction by Steven J. Davis (1996-05-23)

Steven J. Davis;John C. Haltiwanger;Scott Schuh
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