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1. ISBN 1909391220 Zoom

Listening to Young Children, Expanded Third Edition: A Guide to Understanding and Using the Mosaic Approach

Alison Clark
2. ISBN 1909391239 Zoom

Putting Analysis Into Child and Family Assessment, Third Edition: Undertaking Assessments of Need

Ruth DalzellEmma Sawyer
3. ISBN 1904787010 Zoom

Exercising Muscles and Minds: Outdoor play and the early years curriculum

Marjorie Ouvry
4. ISBN 1904787703 Zoom

Parenting and Children's Resilience in Disadvantaged Communities: Published on Behalf of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (Parenting in Practice)

Pete Seaman
5. ISBN 1907969950 Zoom

Spaces for Young Children, Second Edition: A practical guide to planning, designing and building the perfect space

Mark Dudek
6. ISBN 1907969144 Zoom

Too Safe For Their Own Good?, Second Edition: Helping children learn about risk and life skills

Jennie Lindon
7. ISBN 1909391158 Zoom

Mixed Experiences: Growing up mixed race – mental health and well-being

Dinah MorleyCathy Street
8. ISBN 1900990628 Zoom

Listening to Young Children: The Mosaic Approach

Alison ClarkPeter Moss
9. ISBN 1904787126 Zoom

Understanding What Children Say: Children’s experiences of domestic violence, parental substance misuse and parental health problems: Children's Experience of Domestic Violence

Sarah Gorin
10. ISBN 1907969543 Zoom

Dignity & Inclusion: Making it work for children with behaviour that challenges

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