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The Ancient Silk Road: An Illustrated Map Featuring the Ancient Network of Routes Between China and Europe

Jonathan TuckerAntonia Tozer
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Bhutan: Himalayan Mountain Kingdom (Odyssey Guides)

Francoise Pommaret
3. ISBN 9622178189 Zoom

Tajikistan and the High Pamirs a Companion and Guide (Odyssey Tajikistan & the High Pamirs)

Robert MiddletonHuw Thomas
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Asia Overland: Tales of Travel on the Trans-Siberian and Silk Road (Odyssey Guides)

Bijan Omrani
5. ISBN 9622178324 Zoom

Myanmar: Burma in Style: An Illustrated History and Guide

Caroline Courtauld
6. ISBN 9622178006 Zoom

Xi'an, Shaanxi and the Terracotta Army (Odyssey Xian & Shaanxi)

Paul MooneyCatherine MaudsleyGerald Hatherly
7. ISBN 9622177905 Zoom

Xinjiang: China's Central Asia (Odyssey Illustrated Guides)

Jeremy Tredinnick
8. ISBN 9622177522 Zoom

Seychelles: Garden of Eden in the Indian Ocean (Odyssey Seychelles)

Sarah Carpin
9. ISBN 9622177484 Zoom

Georgia: A Sovereign Country of the Caucasus (Odyssey Georgia)

Roger Rosen
10. ISBN 9622177719 Zoom

Moscow, St Petersburg and the Golden Ring (Odyssey Moscow & St. Petersburg)

Masha Nordbye
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