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Leon Kossoff: A London Life

Andrew DempseyLulu NormanJackie Wullschlager
2. ISBN 1901192466 Zoom

Peter Coker: Mind and Matter

Piano Nobile Publications
3. ISBN 1901192377 Zoom

Paul Nash: Watercolours 1910-1946: Another Life Another World

David Boyd Haycock
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From Omega to Charleston: The Art of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant 1910- 1934

Richard ShoneHana LeaperFrances SpaldingDarren Clarke

Cherry Pickles a Gathering of Difficulties

Andrew (Essay) LAMBIRTH
6. ISBN 1903998662

Francis of Assisi: Paintings For our Time

Greg TrickerJohannes SteuckJeremy Naydler
7. ISBN 190119244X Zoom

Peter Salter: Drawing Walmer Yard

Peter SalterFenella Collingridge
8. ISBN 1901192482 Zoom

William Crozier: The Edge of the Landscape

Riann CoulterKatharine CrouanSarah GlennieMark HudsonEnrique Juncosa
9. ISBN 1901192504 Zoom

Bomberg/Marr: Spirits in the Mass

Piano Nobile Publications
10. ISBN 1901192431 Zoom

Aspects of Post-War Abstraction 1952-2002

Margaret Garlake
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