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Brut Y Tywysogion, Or, The Chronicle Of The Princes Of Wales

Caradocus LlancarvanensisWilliams
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Life Among the Apaches

John Carey Cremony
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Summer Days On The Thames: Recollections Of Boating And Fishing Between Henley And Oxford

Alfred John Church
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Zanzibar: The Island Metropolis of Eastern Africa

F B. 1866- Pearce
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Among Hills and Valleys in Western China: Incidents of Missionary Work

Hannah Davies
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Statutes of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. Repr

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The Grand Tour: Or A Journey Through The Netherlands, Germany, Italy And France, Volume 3

Thomas Nugent
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What Katy Did

Susan Coolidge
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Ten Days That Shook the World

John Reed
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The History Of The World

Sir Walter RaleighThomas BirchWilliam Oldys
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