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Acts of Archbishop Colton in his Metropolitan Visitation of the Diocese of Derry, A.D. 1397; With a Rental of the see Estates at That Time. Edited, ... Closet of Armagh, With an Introd. and Notes

William Reeves
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Grammatica Linguae Persicae: Cum Dialectis Antiquioribus Persicis Et Lingua Compratae

Johann August Vullers
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A History Of Rome During The Later Republic And Early Principate: From The Tribunate Of Tiberius Gracchus To The Second Consulship Of Marius, B.c. 133-104. With Two Maps

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Monte Carlo Anecdotes and Systems of Play

Victor Bethell
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A Genealogical And Heraldic History Of The Extinct And Dormant Baronetcies Of England, Ireland And Scotland: By John And John Bern. Burke

John Burke
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Reporters' Rules and Abbreviations; Sloan-Duployan Phonography

John Matthew Sloan
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Cavalry Horsemanship and Horse Training: (Responses an Questionnaire D'Equitation de L'Ecole de Cavalerie)

Henri Louis Paul Robert Blacque BelairJohn Swire
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The Chinese Empire, Illustrated: Being a Series of Views From Original Sketches, Displaying the Scenery, Architecture, Social Habits, c, of That Ancient and Exclusive Nation Volume 1

Thomas AllomG N. 1790?-1877 Wright
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An Essay Of Scarabs. With The Catalogue Of A Private Collection Of Ancient Egyptian Amulets

William John Loftie
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The Story Of King Lear: From Geoffrey Of Monmouth To Shakespeare

Wilfrid Perrett
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