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To the Great Ocean: Siberia and the Trans-Siberian Railway

Harmon Tupper
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The World Goes by: The Autobiography of Freddy Grisewood

Frederick Grisewood
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Confessions of Felix Krull

T Mann
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The sound of waves

Yukio Mishima
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Political Messianism: the Romantic Phase

J. L Talmon
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But for the grace of God: The story of an Irish priest who became a Resistance leader and later a father to thousands of children in the boys' towns of Italy

John Patrick Carroll-Abbing
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Dover Front

Reginald. Foster
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Sacrilege in Malaya

Pierre Boulle
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Black Boomerang: An Autobiography

Sefton Delmer
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Broadstrop in season: A novel

Robert Kee
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