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The emergence of Moscow 1304-1359

John L.I. Fennell
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The Dandy

Ellen Moers
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They dug a Hole

Roger Grinstead

The Picnic Basket

Major-General Sir Edward Spears
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Roger Fenton, Photographer of the Crimean War. His photographs and his letters from the Crimea. With an essay on his life and work by Helmut and Alison Gernsheim. With plates, including a portrait

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The Myth of Mental Illness

Thomas S. Szasz
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The Painted Ship; an Account of the Fire at Sea Aboard the Greek Liner Lakonia.

David. Marchbanks
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Three Plays : A Man of God, Ariadne, The Funeral Pyre

Gabriel Marcel
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Children is all

James Purdy
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The Old Man At The Zoo

Angus Wilson
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