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Thirty Years Among the Dead

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I hear a voice: a biography of E.G.Fricker the healer

Maurice Barbanell
3. ASIN B0007JUU5O

News from the next world: Being an account of the survival of Antonius Stradiuarius, Frederick Chopin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Brontës, and of many ... teaching and practice of the churches

Charles L Tweedale
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Some new evidence for human survival

the Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas
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Thirty Years Among the Dead

Carl A Wickland
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When Your Animal Dies

Sylvia Barbanell
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Thou Shalt Not an Examination of the Churc's Opposition to Spirtualism

B,E L W Russell O
8. ASIN B0017XY0XW

More Wisdom of Silver Birch. Edited by Sylvia Barbanell

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The Evidence for Spirit Healing

Harry Edwards
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As One Ghost to Another

John Scott
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