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[(Introduction to Quantum Metrology : Quantum Standards and Instrumentation)] [By (author) Waldemar Nawrocki] published on (May, 2015)

Waldemar Nawrocki
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[(Solid Mechanics : Theory, Modeling, and Problems)] [By (author) Albrecht Bertram ] published on (August, 2015)

Albrecht Bertram
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MRI of the Knee: A Guide to Evaluation and Reporting

Nicolae V. Bolog
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[(Concise Catalog of Deep-Sky Objects : Astrophysical Information for 550 Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulae)] [By (author) Warren H. Finlay] published on (July, 2014)

Warren H. Finlay
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[(Physics, Nature and Society : A Guide to Order and Complexity in Our World)] [By (author) Joaquin Marro] published on (November, 2013)

Joaquin Marro
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[(Astrophysics is Easy! 2015 : An Introduction for the Amateur Astronomer)] [By (author) Michael D. Inglis] published on (December, 2014)

Michael D. Inglis
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[(Recursion: Complexity in Cognition)] [Edited by Thomas Roeper ] published on (March, 2015)

Thomas Roeper
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[(Fundamentals of Hopf Algebras)] [By (author) Robert G. Underwood] published on (July, 2015)

Robert G. Underwood
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[(Agile! : The Good, the Hype and the Ugly)] [By (author) Bertrand Meyer] published on (April, 2014)

Bertrand Meyer
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[(What Is Computer Science? : An Information Security Perspective)] [By (author) Daniel Page ] published on (January, 2014)

Daniel Page
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