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In Search of the Lost Heart: Explorations in Islamic Thought

William C. Chittick
92. ISBN 0791455327 Zoom

Aryans, Jews, Brahmins: Theorizing Authority Through Myths of Identity (Suny Series, the Margins of Literature)

Dorothy Matilda Figueira
93. ISBN 0791410188 Zoom

Hegel on Logic and Religion: The Reasonableness of Christianity (Suny Series in Hegelian Studies)

John W. Burbidge
94. ISBN 1438453787 Zoom

Manifesto of New Realism (SUNY series in Contemporary Italian Philosophy)

Maurizio Ferraris
95. ISBN 088706468X Zoom

The Body: Toward an Eastern Mind-Body Theory (SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies)

Yasuo Yuasa
96. ISBN 0791436128 Zoom

Gnosis & Hermeticism from Antiquity to Modern Time (SUNY series in Western Esoteric Traditions)

97. ISBN 0791465187 Zoom

Higher Wisdom: Eminent Elders Explore the Continuing Impact of Psychedelics (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology.)

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City of Rhetoric: Revitalizing the Public Sphere in Metropolitan America

David Fleming
99. ISBN 0791404528 Zoom

Philosophical Issues in the Psychology of C. G. Jung

Marilyn Nagy
100. ISBN 1438466145 Zoom

Movies and Midrash: Popular Film and Jewish Religious Conversation

Wendy I. Zierler
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