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Whole Earth Field Guide (MIT Press) (2016-10-07)

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Intelligence Emerging: Adaptivity and Search in Evolving Neural Systems (MIT Press) by Keith L. Downing (2015-05-29)

Keith L. Downing
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Made-Up Minds: A Constructivist Approach to Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Series)

Gary L. Drescher
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Understanding Buildings: A Multidisciplinary Approach by Esmond Reid (1988-04-07)

Esmond Reid
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The Microstructure Approach to Exchange Rates (The MIT Press)

Richard K. Lyons
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Institutions for the Earth: Sources of Effective International Environmental Protection (Global Environmental Accords Series) (Global Environmental ... Sustainability and Institutional Innovation)

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From Newspeak to Cyberspeak: (MIT Press): A History of Soviet Cybernetics

Slava Gerovitch
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Parallel Distributed Processing, Vol. 2: Explorations in the Microstructure of Cognition: Psychological and Biological Models v. 2

James L. McClelland
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Discovering Complexity: Decomposition and Localization as Strategies in Scientific Research (MIT Press) by William Bechtel (2010-08-06)

William Bechtel;Robert C. Richardson
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Getting Sued and Other Tales of the Engineering Life

Richard Meehan
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