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The commedia dell'arte. a study in Italian popular comedy

Winifred, b. 1879, . Smith
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Li Livres Du Gouvernement Des Rois

GilesSamuel Paul Molenaer
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The old masters: Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque

Christiane Lorgues-Lapouge
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Episcopal Registers. Diocese Of Worcester: Register Of Bishop Godfrey Giffard, September 23rd, 1268, To August 15th, 1301, Volume 1

Catholic Church. Diocese of Worcester (England). Bishop (1268-1301 : Godfrey Giffard)WorcesterEng. (Diocese). Bishop1268-1301 (Godfrey Giffard)Worcestershire Historical Society
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The Parochial Hymn Book: With Words and Accompaniments Containing Devotional Exerceises for All the Faithful, and for Different Confraternities, the ... the Liturgical Hymns for the Year ..

Anatole Police
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Modern Persian Colloquial Grammar: Containing a Short Grammar, Dialogues and Extracts from Nasir-Eddin Shah's Diaries, Tales, Etc., and a Vocabulary

Friedrich Rosen
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Rich and Poor

Helen Dendy Bosanquet
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The Israelites Found in the Anglo-Saxons: The Ten Tribes Supposed to Have Been Lost, Traced from the Land of Their Captivity to Their Occupation of ... and National Characteristics Assigne

William Carpenter
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Observations on Mr. Fielding's Enquiry into the causes of the late increase of robbers, &c [electronic resource] : in which not only the present ... considered, but the follies and vices of the

Henry FieldingBen SedglyTimothy Beck
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Plato and the Older Academy

Eduard ZellerAlfred Goodwin
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