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Enten - Eller: Et Livs-Fragment, Volume 1

Søren Kierkegaard
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Bram Stoker
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Personal Sketches of His Own Times, Volume 2

Jonah Barrington
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Annual Report Of The Ladies' Society For Promoting The Early Education And Improvement Of The Children Of Negroes And Of People Of Colour In British West Indies

Ladies' Society for Promoting the Early Education and Improvement of the Children of Negroes and of People of Colour in the British West Indies
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The Kitáb al-luma' fi'l-Tasawwuf of Abú Nasr 'abdallah b. 'Ali al-Sarráj al-Tusi; edited for the first time, with critical notes, abstract of contents, glossary, and indices

Reynold Alleyne NicholsonAbu Nasr Sarraj
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The Manufacturing Population of England: Its Moral, Social, and Physical Conditions, and the Changes Which Have Arisen from the Use of Steam Machinery; with an Examination of Infant Labour

P Gaskell
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Songs and poems : American and Irish, national and international, patriotic, political, economic and miscellaneous

Edward Fitzwilliam
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Inside the living cell; some secrets of life

J A. 1899- Butler
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Thomas Alfred, 1862-1935, . WalkerPeterhouse (University of Cambridge)
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A history of the Bramham Moor hunt

William Scarth Dixon
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