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On The Reconciliation Of Geological Phenomena With Divine Revelation...

John Owen TudorCatholic Apostolic Church
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A Word in Season: A Series of Subjects Addressed to the Flock Committed to His Charge

Catholic Apostolic Church
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The Old Oligarch; Being The Constitution Of The Athenians;

XenophonPetch, James A.
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The Ruling Class

Gaetano Mosca
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Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar

Basil Lanneau GildersleeveGonzalez Lodge
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The diary of John Evelyn

Austin DobsonJohn Evelyn
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Plays: Advertisement to the Second Edition. Introduction; Essay On the Writings of Massinger / by John Ferriar, &c. the Virgin-Martyr. the Unnatural Combat. the Duke of Milan

William GiffordPhilip Massinger
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The Founding of the Roman Empire

Frank Burr Marsh
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My Uncle, The Clockmaker: A Tale

Mary Botham Howitt
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Stokers and Pokers, Or, the London and North-Western Railway, the Electric Telegraph, and the Railway Clearing-House

Francis Bond Head
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