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The Advanced Montessori Method, Volume 1

Maria Montessori
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Ovid's Art Of Love, Remedy Of Love, Art Of Beauty, And Amours

OvidJohn Dryden
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Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use

William Hiley Bathurst
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The Organ Works Of Bach

Harvey Grace
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Children of the dead end; the autobiography of an Irish navvy

Patrick MacGill
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Moral Tales for Young People: The Good Aunt

Maria EdgeworthAlexander Anderson
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An Outline of English Speech-Craft

William Barnes
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A Practical Treatise Upon Angling With Small And Great Rode: Shewing The Different Flies, And Baits Through The Various Seasons Of The Year : To Which Is Adjoined Fishing In Ponds

James Keill
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Description of the Great North Holland Canal, and of the Works at Niewediep: With an Account of the Mode of Gaining Land from the Sea by Polders, and ... Abstract of the Discussion Upon the Paper ...

George Briant Wheeler Jackson
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The Secret Service of the Conferederate States in Europe

James D. Bulloch
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