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Plays: Advertisement to the Second Edition. Introduction; Essay On the Writings of Massinger / by John Ferriar, &c. the Virgin-Martyr. the Unnatural Combat. the Duke of Milan

William GiffordPhilip Massinger
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Dictionary of the Foot

William Mathias Scholl
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Modern Dry Plates: Or, Emulsion Photography

Henry Baden PritchardJosef Maria Eder
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Emma Darwin A Century Of Family Letters 1792 1896 Vol I

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Cubists and Post-Impressionism

Arthur Jerome Eddy
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Suicide, a study in sociology:

Emile Durkheim
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The microscope; a simple handbook

Conrad Beck
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On The Reconciliation Of Geological Phenomena With Divine Revelation...

John Owen TudorCatholic Apostolic Church
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The collected papers of Frederic William Maitland, Downing professor of the laws of England Volume 3

Frederic William, 1850-1906, . MaitlandHerbert Albert Laurens, 1865-1940, . Fischer
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Remarkable Antiquities of the City of Exeter: Giving an Account of the Laws and Customs of the Place, the Offices, Court of Judicature, Gates, Walls, ... of the Several Corporations; with Their Disti

Richard Izacke
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