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The poetical remains of William Lithgow, the Scotish [sic] traveller : M.DC.XVIII.-M.DC.LX : now first collected

James MaidmentWilliam Lithgow
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The Hymns of the Primitive Church

John Chandler
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The Robber Bridegroom

Eudora Welty
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The Kinnears and their kin; a memorial volume of history, biography, and genealogy, with revolutionary and civil and Spanish war records; including manuscript of Rev. David Kinnear (1840)

Emma Siggins WhiteMartha Humphreys Maltby
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Historical Facts For The Arabian Musical Influence

Henry George. Farmer
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Poems, On Various Subjects

Thomas Shoel
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With the Chinks

Daryl Klein
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A Handbook of the Chinese Language: Parts I and Ii, Grammar and Chrestomathy, Prepared with a View to Initiate the Student of Chinese in the Rudiments ... and to Supply Materials for His Early Studies

James Summers
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A supplication for the beggars, spring of 1529. Edited by Edward Arber

Edward ArberSimon Fish
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Korea's Fight for Freedom

Frederick Arthur Mackenzie
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