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Life and writings of Juán de Valdés, otherwise Valdesso, Spanish reformer in the sixteenth century

Juan De ValdesBenjamin B. 1794-1867 WiffenJohn T. tr Betts
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A study of the Court of Star Chamber, largely based on manuscripts in the British Museum and the Public Record Office

Cora Louise Scofield
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Tales of Talbot House in Popenringhe [and] Ypres

Philip Thomas Byard Clayton
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The Satires of Juvenal, Persius, Sulpicia and Lucilius: Literally Translated Into English Prose

JuvenalPersiusSulpiciaC Lucilius
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Early Egyptian History, for the Young, by the Author of 'sidney Grey' and Her Sister [E. Keary].

Annie Keary
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Johannes Althusius Und Die Entwickling Der Naturrechtlichen Staatstheorien: Zugleich Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Rechtssystematik

Otto Friedrich Von Gierke
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Heather and Fern: Songs of Scotland and Maoriland

John Liddell Kelly
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Allgemeine Geschichte Der Philosophie: Bd., 1. Abt. Die Philosophie Der Griechen. 2. Abt. Die Biblisch-Mittelaterliche Philosophie. 3. Abt. Die Neuere Philosophie Von Descartes Bis Schopenhauer

Paul Deussen
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The Heroic Saga-Cycle of Dietrich of Bern

Francis Edward Sandbach
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Pan-Islam [microform]

G Wyman 1874- Bury
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