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Marabi Nights: Jazz, 'Race' and Society in Early Apartheid South Africa (Second Edition) by Christopher Ballantine (2012-11-15)

Christopher Ballantine
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World of Letters: Reading Communities and Cultural Debates in Early Apartheid South Africa by Corinne Sandwith (2014-06-11)

Corinne Sandwith
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Travels in Southern Africa Vol. I (Killie Campbell Africana Library Publications) by Adulphe Delegorgue (1990-01-01)

Adulphe Delegorgue
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Laduma!: Soccer, Politics and Society in South Africa, from its Origins to 2010 (Updated Edition) by Peter Alegi (2010-06-01)

Peter Alegi
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[Persuasion and Rhetoric] (By: Carlo Michelstaedter) [published: January, 2007]

Carlo Michelstaedter
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[(Welcome to Our Hillbrow)] [Author: Phaswane Mpe] published on (November, 2002)

Phaswane Mpe
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[(States of Mind: Searching for Mental Health in Natal and Zululand, 1868-1918)] [Author: Julie Parle] published on (July, 2007)

Julie Parle
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Heterosexual Africa?: The History of an Idea from the Age of Exploration to the Age of AIDS (New African Histories)

Marc Epprecht
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A Daughter's Legacy

Pamphilia Hlapa
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Talk Left Walk Right

Patrick Bond
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