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A Brief History of Doom (Haney Foundation Series)

Richard Vague
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The Ring of Dancers (South Asia Seminar)

Jonathan WylieDavid Margolin
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Power-Sharing Executives (National and Ethnic Conflict in the 21st Century)

Joanne McEvoy
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Maurice's Strategikon: Handbook of Byzantine Military Strategy (The Middle Ages Series)

George T. Dennis
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Democracy and Truth: A Short History

Sophia Rosenfeld
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Race, Nation, History: Anglo-German Thought in the Victorian Era (Intellectual History of the Modern Age)

Oded Y. Steinberg
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Parrot Culture: Our 2500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird

Bruce Thomas Boehrer
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La Foce: A Garden and Landscape in Tuscany (Penn Studies in Landscape Architecture)

Benedetta OrigoMorna LivingstonLaurie OlinJohn Dixon Hunt
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The Complete Marching Band Resource Manual: Techniques and Materials for Teaching, Drill Design, and Music Arranging

Wayne BaileyCormac CannonBrandt Payne
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After Europe

Ivan Krastev
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