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City on Fire: Technology, Social Change, and the Hazards of Progress in Mexico City, 1860–1910 (History of the Urban Environment)

Anna Rose Alexander
2. ISBN 0822964856

Victorian Literature and the Physics of the Imponderable (Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century)

Sarah C. Alexander
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Authoritarian Russia: Analyzing Post-Soviet Regime Changes (Pitt Series in Russian and Eastern European Studies)

Vladimir Gel'man
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Nationalism in Central Asia: A Biography of the Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan Boundary (Central Eurasia in Context)

Nick Megoran
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Science Transformed?: Debating Claims of an Epochal Break

6. ISBN 082298489X Zoom

The Metafictional Muse: The Works of Robert Coover, Donald Barthelme, and William H. Cass (Critical Essays in Modern Literature)

Larry McCaffery
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The Powers of Literacy (Pittsburgh Series in Composition, Literacy, and Culture)

B. Cope
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The Making of British Anthropology, 1813-1871 (Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century)

Efram Sera-Shriar
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Bandits and Partisans: The Antonov Movement in the Russian Civil War (Pitt Series in Russian and East European Studies)

Erik C. Landis
10. ISBN 082296273X Zoom

Scientific Models in Philosophy of Science

Daniela M. Bailer-Jones
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