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21. ISBN 070830737X Zoom

A Welsh Grammar

Stephen J. Williams
22. ISBN 0708318029 Zoom

Gweledigaeth Yr Oesoedd Canol: Diwylliant Gweledol Cymru (Visual Culture of Wales)

Peter Lord
23. ISBN 0708315631 Zoom

These Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner in South Wales

B.L. Coombes
24. ISBN 178683054X Zoom

Religion, Loyalty and Sedition: The Hanoverian Succession of 1714 (The Journal of Religious History, Literature and Culture 2016 - 2)

William Gibson Dr
25. ISBN 0708323057 Zoom

Understanding Contemporary Wales

Hugh Mackay
26. ISBN 9781786832597 Zoom

Crime, Courts and Community in Mid-Victorian Wales: Montgomeryshire, People and Places

Rachael Jones
27. ISBN 070831239X Zoom

History of the University of Wales: University Movement in Wales v. 1 (History of the University of Wales)

J.Gwynn Williams
28. ISBN 178316963X Zoom

Discovering Dylan Thomas: A Companion to the Collected Poems and Notebook Poems

John Goodby
29. ISBN 0708318649 Zoom

Ideology: Explorations in Contemporary Social, Political and Cultural Theory (Political Philosophy Now)

30. ISBN 0708321771 Zoom

Freedom Fighters: Wales's Forgotten 'War', 1963-1993

John Humphries
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