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Selections from Ystorya Bown O Hamtwn (Library of Welsh Medieval Literature)

Erich Poppe
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Welsh Poetry of the French Revolution, 1789-1805 (Wales and the French Revolution)

Cathryn Charnell-White
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The Rebecca Riots

David Williams Ph.D.
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Women and the City in French Literature and Culture: Reconfiguring the Feminine in the Urban Environment (French and Francophone)

Siobhan McIlvanney
45. ISBN 1786830256 Zoom

The Arthurian Place Names of Wales

Scott Lloyd
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The Mentor's Companion: A Guide to Good Mentoring Practice

Rhianon Washington
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Soul-Health: Therapeutic Reading in Later Medieval England (Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages)

Daniel Mccann
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Gwent County History: Gwent in Prehistory and Early History v.1 (Gwent County History)

49. ISBN 0708321771 Zoom

Freedom Fighters: Wales's Forgotten 'War', 1963-1993

John Humphries
50. ISBN 0708319459 Zoom

A Want of Good Order and Discipline: Rules, Discretion and the Victorian Prison (University of Wales Press - Histories of Wales)

Richard W. Ireland
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