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71. ISBN 0708326250 Zoom

Arthur in Medieval Welsh Literature (Writers of Wales)

O J Padel
72. ISBN 0708319998 Zoom

Feminine Sanctity and Spirituality in Medieval Wales (University of Wales Press - Religion and Culture in the Midd) (Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages)

Jane Cartwright
73. ISBN 0708324401 Zoom

Dorothy Edwards (Writers of Wales) (University of Wales Press - Writers of Wales)

Claire Flay
74. ISBN 0708312861 Zoom

Old College, Aberystwyth: The Evolution of a High Victorian Building

Roger Webster
75. ISBN 1783169672 Zoom

Memoir and Identity in Welsh Patagonia: Voices from a Settler Community in Argentina

Geraldine Lublin
76. ISBN 0708321976 Zoom

Medieval Blood (Religion & Culture in the Middle Ages) (Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages)

Bettina Bildhauer
77. ISBN 1786830892 Zoom

All That is Wales: The Collected Essays of M. Wynn Thomas (Writing Wales in English) (University of Wales Press - Writing Wales in English)

M. Wynn Thomas
78. ISBN 0708325300 Zoom

Owain Arwel Hughes: My Life in Music

Owain Arwel Hughes
79. ISBN 0708319874 Zoom

Black Skin, Blue Books: African Americans and Wales, 1845-1945: African Americans and the Welsh (Writing Wales in English)

Daniel Williams
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By Malcolm Crook Napoleon Comes to Power: Democracy and Dictatorship in Revolutionary France, 1795-1804 (Past in Pers [Paperback]

Malcolm Crook
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