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From the Cradle to the Coalmine: The Story of Children in Welsh Mines

Ceri Thompson
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The Labour Party in Wales 1900-2000

Deian R. HopkinDuncan TannerChris Williams
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The Welsh Language Before the Industrial Revolution (Social History of the Welsh Language)

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A Dictionary of the Welsh Language: v. 1, Parts 1-21: Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru (Life Writings Frontier Women)

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The Darkening Nation: Race, Neoliberalism and Crisis in Argentina (Cymru - Iberian and Latin American Studies) (University of Wales - Iberian and Latin American Studies)

Ignacio Aguilo
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The Welsh King and His Court

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Soul-Health: Therapeutic Reading in Later Medieval England (Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages)

Daniel Mccann
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The Religious Census of 1851: North Wales v. 2: A Calendar of the Returns Relating to Wales (History & law series)

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The Remaking of Wales in the Eighteenth Century (Welsh history & its sources)

80. ISBN 0708319327 Zoom

Hope and Heartbreak: A Social History of Wales, 1776-1871

Russell Davies
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