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D.H. Lawrence: Modes of Fictional Style

Bibhu Padhi
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British Women Poets, 1660-1800: An Anthology

Joyce Fullard
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Art and Architecture in the Poetry of Robert Browning Appendix A: An Illustrated Compendium of Sources

Charles Flint Thomas
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Steinbeck's Typewriter: Essays on His Art

Robert DeMott
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Blood on the Harp: Irish Rebel History in Ballad (The Heritage)

Turlough Faolain
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Seven Conversations With Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis BorgesFernando SorrentinoClark M. Zlotchew
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Charles Dickens and His Chicago Relatives: A Documentary Narrative by Sidney P. Moss (1994-01-27)

Sidney P. Moss;Carolyn J. Moss
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Understanding Things Fall Apart: Selected Essays and Criticisms (1998-01-27)

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Thomas Hardy's Heroines: A Chorus of Priorities by Pamela L. Jekel (1986-12-27)

Pamela L. Jekel
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Louise Labe's Complete Works (1986-02-27)

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