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Toni Morrison's World of Fiction

Karen Carmean
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Tragic Victory: The Doctrine of Subjective Salvation in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats

Larry Brunner
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Seven Conversations With Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis BorgesFernando SorrentinoClark M. Zlotchew
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Louise Labe's Complete Works

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Charles Dickens and His Chicago Relatives: A Documentary Narrative by Sidney P. Moss (1994-01-27)

Sidney P. Moss;Carolyn J. Moss
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Louise Labe's Complete Works (1986-02-27)

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Genetic Engineering, DNA and Cloning: A Bibliography in the Future of Genetics by Joseph Menditto (1983-08-06)

Joseph Menditto;Debbie Kirsch
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Charles Dickens' Quarrel With America by Sidney P. Moss (1984-08-06)

Sidney P. Moss
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Take City Hall!: Mayor Tom Whalen and the Transformation of New York's Capital to an All-America City by Daniel E. Button (2002-11-02)

Daniel E. Button
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Sexual Deviations As Seen in Handwriting by Marie Bernard (1990-06-02)

Marie Bernard
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